So, Who is this Chic Anyway?

A little about me:

I am woman dancing on the edge of forty but forever young at heart.

I am a chameleon who loves to play with different looks.

I am a wife to a wonderfully patient and supportive husband who also happens to be super hot.

I am a momma to a beautifully curious, sensitive, intelligent and willful little girl who is my mini me and mirror.

I am a member of an embracing supportive clan of fierce soul sisters who love and support each other beyond the bounds of friendship.

I am a lifelong seeker of knowledge of this wonderful world we inhabit.

I love human kind. It fills me up to discover, listen and feel someone else’s journey.

I am an animal lover. A person who appreciates the way art and music and food can stir your soul. I love the ocean and the beach and the magic of nature. I love fashion and cursing and raunchy jokes and carnivals and booze. I love exercise and sweat and hard work.

And I’m just chasing down a long ago cast-off impractical dream because my journey has led me to say “Fuck it!”. This is my life and I get to decide what I do with it because I WANT to.

Be in my tribe of Bad Ass Women walking through the fear of “What if I fail?” because “What if I never try?”



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